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The Interior Design services offered by HOUSE OF LAYTH can be applied to single spaces, home renovations and new builds of any scale. The HOUSE will collaborate with your contractors and builders to successfully translate our design proposals.The process commences with concept development through originating atmospheric layouts that illustrate the design intent, be it interior design, or décor. This will be followed by generating design drawings and later involve project management to ensure the successful delivery of the proposed design program. This being a collaborative process, the scope and project delivery can be altered to your project requirements.

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Enter HOUSE OF LAYTH, an interior design salon based in Toronto that I established in 2014. My illustrious career started at Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design and included designer roles with leading firms in Toronto and Dubai. These opportunities saw me involved on projects in North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Notable projects located in Toronto include Five Condos with Cecconi Simone, and the Distillery District’s Cluny Bistro and Boulangreie where I headed the team, including the conceptualization and designing during my tenure with Studio Munge. The design codes that I bring to my namesake is to entrust impeccable craftsmanship, compose exquisite details, and expressive finishes palettes. All translated into design solutions with a modern sensibility focused on sophisticated styling.

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